Thermal Imaging Will Take Center Stage at a Major, Upcoming CMMS Expo

Preventative maintenance is always superior to reactive repair, and for a number of different reasons. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that allows an organization to identify problems early on can easily make the entire company more competitive. At one prominent CMMS Expo to come, attendees will learn about how thermal imaging can become a key component of any such arrangement.

Using Thermal Imaging to Spot Deviations and Other Developments Early On

Machines that are set up and run for long periods of time without being taken down and inspected can easily develop problems along the way. Unfortunately, many businesses rely heavily on setups such that actively taking machines offline for maintenance becomes unrealistic.

Integrating heat-sensing cameras into a CMMS guided maintenance process can easily end up being an effective way to overcome all the associated issues. By being able to accurately measure heat levels in unintrusive ways, these simple, affordable devices can open up entirely new diagnostic possibilities. Some of the kinds of issues that thermal cameras are often well positioned to help spot include:

  • Electrical overloads. An electrical system that is working too hard given its design specifications will always be exposed to the risk of failure. Fortunately, many instances of electrical overloading can be spotted quite easily with the use of thermal imaging. The excess heat that is produced when an electrical source or component carries too much current normally makes for an easily identifiable sign. With a thermal camera not even needing to peer inside the system in question to provide this service, an especially accessible style of preventative maintenance becomes possible.
  • Fluid blockages. Whether with coolant that is needed to keep temperatures within safe operating ranges or hydraulic fluid that transmits power, thermal cameras can be used to identify a variety of types of blockages, as well. Measuring the flow of fluids with integrated sensors can be helpful, but will not always provide a complete insight. Thermal imaging can round out the picture in ways that will make a difference.

An Invaluable Tool in Many Cases

Adding thermal imaging to a CMMS can be one of the most effective ways to improve upon its usefulness. Thermal cameras of various kinds are even now providing invaluable functionality in preventative maintenance programs worldwide.